The ODIN Climbing Stick is the most stable mounted stick in the market. Our patented design utilizes mechanical advantage to create a solid attachment with minimal effort. 

Climbing Step

The ODIN Tree Step features many unique safety features that other steps in the industry have ignored. Simply take your steps with you when you leave ensuring your stand will never get stolen again!

Climbing Stick



ODIN Hunting Products prides itself on developing the best and safest hunting equipment for all hunters. Rooted in a strong background of engineering with a passion for hunting, ODIN only makes products that adhere to the most strict requirements for safety, strength, and ease of use. Enjoy shopping and if you do not see a specific item you need please contact us at ODIN Hunting Products.

Our brackets mount to the tree with a security screw that can be quickly installed with a battery drill, ratchet, or hand driver.
Safety most definitely should not be an afterthought. We haven’t been forced to go without desired features because manufacturers aren’t capable.



Engineered to Hunt