*300 pound weight rating


​Quicker Installation
Our step takes the screw-in approach with an added simplicity. Our brackets mount to the tree with a structural screw that can be quickly installed with a battery drill, ratchet, or hand driver. Steps are quickly attached or removed which provides quiet access as well as stand security when not in use.

Multiple Stands - One Set of Steps

One set of steps can be used for access to infinite stand locations. You buy as many brackets as you need to outfit your stands, then you only need the number of steps you desire.


Bidirectional tread


Safety is very important to us so we've gone against the traditional design and developed a step that will give you piece of mind when getting into your tree stand. Based on a patent pending design our step features a wider step with bidirectional tread giving hunters a more secure feeling when getting up into their tree stand.

Wider step

The Latest in Tree Stand Access

SAFETY most definitely should not be an afterthought with tree stand access and they should be as VERSATILE and as the hunter while ensuring tree stand SECURITY. ODIN Hunting products features a new an patent pending design that doesn't believes affordability should not be reserved for sub-standard equipment. You should not be forced to go without desired features because manufacturers are not capable of providing those options. Hunters for far too long have been asked to accept the current options because it was simply easier. With a strong background in competitive manufacturing, the founders of ODIN Hunting Products said, “why not”?


​Worried about or had issues with your stand being stolen?
With our step and bracket system, simply un-click your steps on your way out of the tree to ensure that while you are away nobody will be able to climb up the street and either use your spot or worse case....steal your tree stand.